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Stepping into the realm of real estate in Fort Worth, Texas, we encounter Jim Finley Properties, not just a commercial Real Estate Holding and Management company but a neighbor, a locally-rooted entity that carries the spirit and authenticity of home in every transaction and interaction. Not merely landlords or property managers, they pride themselves in being an integral part of the community, navigating the unique nuances of property management with a personalized touch that only a local entity can offer. The essence of Jim Finley Properties lies in their commitment to providing an unmatched, innovatively managed office environment while being attuned to the dynamic culture and evolving needs of their diverse clientele.


The journey embarked upon with them came to us as a white-label project from a design agency in Texas, demanding a digital manifestation that aptly represented the brand’s essence and functionality. The challenge lied in crafting a website that not only encapsulated the seasoned experience and local expertise of Jim Finley Properties but also served as a functional, user-friendly platform where properties could be showcased, detailed, and navigated with utmost ease, reflecting the smooth, hassle-free experience they offer offline, online.


To bring their narrative and functionality to life digitally, we utilized Figma to sketch a completely custom design that was both visually appealing and user-centric. The development took shape on a robust foundation of WordPress, sprinkled with the adaptive capabilities of Elementor, and further enhanced by Jet Engine for crafting custom post types. Our focus remained on creating a seamless user experience, where availability, detailed insights, and vivid visuals of each property could be explored with intuitive ease.


Jim Finley Properties now boasts a digital platform that doesn’t just tell, but shows its story and offerings in a beautifully interactive way. Potential clients can explore each property through unique pages that detail every necessary aspect – from location and pricing to visuals and a direct contact form, ensuring all relevant information and communication channels are at their fingertips. The website serves as a virtual door into the world of properties managed by a team that’s not just in the business but is also an intrinsic part of the Fort Worth community, blending business acumen with local flavor seamlessly.

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