Business Website Marketing Strategy & Discovery

Unique solutions for your unique business.

Strategies that matter.

You didn’t get where you are today by sitting back and relaxing. Your business stands where it does because you keep you schedule busy. Your day is filled with meetings, strategic planning and a to-do list that seemingly grows longer by the minute.

Dray Web Services embodies the same drive and ambition you set forward, which is why we will work with you to understand your business strategy in order to effectively implement it online. Moreover we will provide you with advice and consultation services geared towards streamlining your strategic process.

Your time is important. It’s time to make the most of it.


You know what your business is all about and where you want to be. We’ll work with you to understand where you want to go so we can build your web presence to reflect such. You deserve no less.


A unified team is a productive team and by utilizing our services you are making Dray Web Services an extension of your team. The same can be said about your website and online reputation. That’s why we focus on creating a unified voice and identity that adheres to your outstanding standards.


Business process can be intimidating. That’s why you recognize how important it is to set benchmarks to best assess results and drive performance. We’ll do the same for you online, painting a clear picture as to how our services impact your sales.

Identify challenges​

Running a successful business means you know how to deal with adversity when it comes. And while you do your best to avoid any challenges there will undoubtedly be some on your path to success. We help you identify future key issues (competitors, industry trends, market fluctuations, etc.) and develop strategies necessary to minimize their impactive. You’ll be proactive instead of reactive, setting you ahead of your competition. 

You’re a leader.

It’s time to take charge. You know what we mean. The examples you set for your business directly translate to its successful operation. The web consulting services we offer are geared towards empowering your voice so others are inspired to act towards your goals.


You’re headed in the right direction with Dray Web Services. You’ve already taken the first step by being here and reading this. Now it’s time to take advantage of this momentum and build an online presence your competitors will fear. We’ll increase engagement, traffic and conversions with you at the helm. Onward!

Communication & Engagement

The public appreciates transparent businesses that are open an honest. Your web presence should reflect such and we will build your web communications around openness and continued engagement. Audience feedback is imperative in understanding what is working and what is not. Our team of experts will help you decipher what all their responses mean and formulate strategies to promote responsible and positive engagement.


Confidence sells. We’ll translate the confidence you’ve built on the ground to your website and beyond, translating to better relationships with target audiences and increased conversions.

Values and culture

No business is successful without establishing its own identity built around core values and culture. With our help you’ll be confidently convey the values of your business and the culture online. This gives your business personality, direction and the belief of your customers.

I just want a website…What’s all this discovery?

Don’t get us wrong, we are happy to build you a website and the one we design for your business will be the critical factor in driving future sales. But without ensuring there are strategies and processes in place to take advantage of the power of your new online presence its value will be lost. In this context, employing a Ghostwriter BWL specialized in crafting tailored academic business content can enhance your communication strategy. That’s why we emphasize getting to understand who you are as a business and what your goals are. This encompasses discovery and all the processes involved within it.

We’ve found doing so provides justice to you selecting us as your web design and service provider. The website we build for your business is an extension of your company and needs to be strategically integrated into your entire sales process. Accomplishing such makes full use of our expertise, thus giving you the best return on your investment and confidence in future operations.