We’re passionate about small business. YOUR small business.
We’re happiest when you grow with us.

We’re small and dynamic. That means you get a greater ROI and personalized service than you would with a larger agency. We care about you because we are one of you.

Our Promise.

Weak and uninformed marketing approaches make us cringe. We’re here to combat them. Dray Web Services delivers first-rate web and consultation services through continuous emphasis on expert service driven by continued immersion in the latest industry trends. We do so while championing personalized service and communication. Much more than a web and consultation service provider we want to appear and feel like an extension of your team. It’s what you deserve. 

Our relationship will be one of extension. Dray Web Services will work with you in a collaborative, efficient and congenial manner. It’ll be just as if we were in your office.

We’ll be a strategic centerpiece, proactively engaging you to discover, discuss and implement ideas that grow your business.

You trust us with your credibility and we thank you for that. We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for producing the results you desire at the highest of standards.

We back our results with the expert analytics to prove them. Doing so provides you with sound peace-of-mind and confidence in our services.

Each dollar you spend is critical to successful operation. We provide you the best ROI.

Our Mission.

We wouldn’t be in the position we are without your success. That’s why it is our mission to deliver you the best return on investment for your web and consultation service needs. We’ll be the aesthetically pleasing, analytics-backed, results-oriented strategic partner you deserve.

The Founder

Hi! I’m Josh Dray, an entrepreneur with a passion for business, an eye for web design and a mind for strategic consultation. From a young age I’ve been active in my passion for small business, stemming from watching and learning from my parents, who each owned their own businesses. They inspired me to create new ways to make another hard-earned dollar, my first venture being selling goods on eBay.

Since that first endeavor I’ve seen my career and aspirations flouring. In college I harnessed the power of websites and began building my own, crafting aesthetically-driven eCommerce websites optimized on the backend to perform well above my competitors. I’ve even sold a few!

To satisfy my business acumen I also immersed myself in both digital and consulting agencies to refine my craft and industry knowledge. That’s what brought me to offer the services you seek today!

What keeps me so motivated? I love challenging myself and the process of learning. My satisfaction comes from knowing that I continually grow alongside my clients and always look forward to our conversations. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. I’m all ears.

Convinced? Let’s sweeten the deal.

There has never been a better time to start growing your business