Eyewitness for Life

Help for women going through an unplanned pregnancy


Eyewitness For Life stands as a supportive pillar for women confronting the complexities and stress of unwanted or unexpected pregnancies. Recognizing the terror and pressure that ensues following such a predicament, Eyewitness For Life provides a comforting space for women, offering them not just free ultrasounds and vital pregnancy information, but emotional support and guidance without judgment. Although they do not perform abortions, their role extends through aiding women navigate through the various nuanced phases of pregnancy, ensuring they are not alone in their journey.


Conveying the sincerity, warmth, and non-judgmental support of Eyewitness For Life through a digital platform presented a challenge. The aim was not just to inform the audience about the free services provided but to extend a virtual hand of reassurance, ensuring the website became a space of comfort, information, and non-intrusive support for women at perhaps one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. Ensuring the website communicated this empathetic and supportive ethos, while also being a clear, informative, and easy-to-navigate resource was paramount.


The design and development process, initiated in Figma and brought to life with WordPress and Elementor, was woven with a tapestry of compassion, clear information, and straightforward navigation. It was pivotal to mirror the gentle, supportive, and non-pressurizing environment of Eyewitness For Life in the digital realm. The website was not just to be a source of information but a digital sanctuary where women could find reassurance, guidance, and an understanding ally during turbulent times.


The resultant website serves as an echo of the empathetic and unwavering support Eyewitness For Life provides in person. It doesn’t merely list services but extends a gentle embrace to women seeking guidance and support amidst a storm of emotions and decisions. By intertwining clear, crucial information with a compassionate digital presence, Eyewitness For Life has succeeded in offering a virtual haven that mirrors the reality of their physical operations, ensuring women understand that here, they will find an eyewitness for their journey, every step of the way.

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