Founded in 1987, Birth Choice of San Marcos is a non-profit that offers free support services related to pregnancy, sexual health, reproductive loss and parenting, all in a caring & confidential environment.


Birth Choice of San Marcos, founded in 1987, serves as a haven of support and care for women navigating the complexities of unplanned pregnancies. More than just a non-profit, they’ve been a beacon of light, providing free, confidential services related to pregnancy, sexual health, and reproductive loss, without offering abortion services. On a personal note, my family and I have been deeply moved by their mission, proudly supporting their baby bottle drive for over 15 years – where filling baby bottles with coins turns into tangible help and hope for expecting mothers.


When Birth Choice was brought to our attention through another agency in Escondido, CA, we saw a noble mission constrained by a website that needed a touch of warmth and digital expertise. Balancing their compassionate in-person services with an online presence that duly mirrored such empathy and support, especially considering the sensitive nature of their work, posed a delicate challenge. While another agency managed the marketing, our task was clear: a complete site redesign that served both the organization and its visitors seamlessly.


We approached this with tenderness and precision, utilizing Figma to sketch a design that would translate the warmth and care of Birth Choice into a digital experience. Building the site with WordPress and Elementor, we made absolutely sure that it was wholly mobile-friendly, knowing how vital instant access to support can be. With particular attention to the site’s header buttons, we ensured their smooth integration into the mobile design, keeping help always within easy reach for those who need it.


The transformation resulted in a website that wraps its digital arms around visitors, offering comfort, peace, and a safe space for expectant mothers. Beyond its welcoming aesthetic, the site stands as a robust, SEO-friendly platform, adeptly utilizing keywords that speak directly to its core audience: perhaps a surprised, expectant mother in search of support and understanding. Through these digital channels, Birth Choice continues its noble mission, now with a website that truly represents its heartfelt service and dedication.

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