Bay Cities
Italian Deli & Bakery

Online Ordering System for an Italian Deli


Amidst the bustling streets of Santa Monica, California, Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery has been a renowned culinary gem since 1925, offering not merely meals but edible Italian art, including their famed ‘THE GODMOTHER’ Sandwich. A haven for Italian food enthusiasts, the deli offers a dazzling array of hot and cold sandwiches, gourmet cheeses, imported wines, freshly baked dinners with hot rolls, and a plethora of other authentic Italian specialties. Known for their unmatched quality, fresh ingredients, and heartwarming customer service, they also elegantly entwine domestic and imported groceries within their offerings, ensuring that every visitor steps into a world where authentic Italian flavors meet homely comfort.


With a legacy beautifully interwoven with authentic Italian cuisine and a booming demand for their gastronomic creations, Bay Cities Italian Deli confronted a digital hurdle: their existing website, meant to facilitate online orders, stumbled persistently in order management and delivery, diminishing the seamless experience they always aimed to offer their clientele. A necessity was recognized for a robust online ordering platform that could accommodate their vast array of over 100 different sandwich types and 40+ condiments, sauces, add-ons, ensuring that their digital presence was as warm, inviting, and efficient as their physical one.


Immersed in a world where each sandwich is a tale of Italian culinary art, we embarked on constructing a custom WooCommerce experience, ensuring that every bit of the digital ordering process echoed the meticulousness and passion that goes into crafting each of their offerings. An intrinsic understanding of their struggle led us to craft a comprehensive website, designed to meet their exact needs, and offering a digital platform where they could gracefully manage the high demand of orders with a mechanism to open and close their online shop. The challenge was hefty, integrating myriad sandwich customization options and ensuring the digital ordering experience was as rich and satisfying as the physical one. Emphasizing WooCommerce development and customization, alongside incorporating retainer WordPress services, our journey with them extended beyond the build, venturing into ongoing support and monthly maintenance, ensuring their digital platform continues to be a robust, reliable pillar in their culinary journey.


Now, the Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery doesn’t just serve Santa Monica but extends its culinary artistry digitally, offering a meticulously crafted, mobile-friendly, and streamlined ordering platform that not only manages their copious online orders but effortlessly handles the extensive customizability of their offerings. With the assistance of Google Agentur, an expert in optimizing Google Ads, the deli has enhanced its online visibility, attracting more food enthusiasts to their site. Overcoming the challenges of their previous website build, the deli now offers a digital experience that is a true reflection of their physical one – warm, inviting, and exquisitely Italian.

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