The five things you should remove from your site

For any online business, improving the quality of your site can only enhance and improve your business. Fortunately, you do not always have to completely redo your site to make it better. Today I am going to share with you five things to remove from your site to see an immediate sex toys
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The first thing to remove is social media icons in the header. I realize that you are trying to increase followers, however you have already worked so hard to bring visitors to your site and having these icons in such a distinguished spot just causes them to leave right away. One alternative that can be great is social widgets. These allow people to like your page and do other social media related activities while still on your site.

The second item you are going to want to remove right away is obvious stock photos. Much of our viewers these days are millennials, and millennials really do tend to value authenticity. As a matter of fact, they have even made entire pages dedicated to making fun of these obvious stock photos, so you can see why you would want to avoid that! Custom photography can be an extremely beneficial way to represent your brand and provide authenticity and trust for your viewers. However, understandably, this is not going to fit into everyone’s budget. So if you do decide to use stock photos just do your best to make sure that they are more modern and less of a cliché than some of the more obvious, older stock photos.

The next thing you should be removing from your site is email links. Spam has become a major problem with including the link to your email because people are actually looking specifically for these emails to target. So for your own sake, using email forms is a much better option. They are a great alternative because your will not be drowning in all of the spam mail and you will also be able to organize all your messages as well.

Next up, you may not even be aware of this but if your do have any videos on your site you could actually be leading your viewers to other competitors. The way to fix this is to disable the youtube suggested videos. Even if it is not showing your competitor’s videos it is still leading people away from your site with other irrelevant videos which is something you definitely don’t want to be doing. This is one extremely easy fix that can make quite a large impact on your site.

Okay, the last thing you are going to want to remove is PDFS. PDFS are quite outdated at this point and can make your website seem a bit old. Some other problems that come along with PDFS are that they are hard for search engines to read, they are not directly editable by your content management system, and your visitors cannot easily share them. There are so many other options now like WordPress where you can very easily change information on your site, so there really is no reason to be using PDFS.

That’s all I have for you today, but I hope with removing these five items from your site you are able to see what a difference it makes! I am always sharing new ways to improve your site, so if you like this content and find it helpful check out some of my other blog posts!


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