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Technical SEO Optimization

Here’s what is included:

  1. Cache Setup
    1. Minimize Javascript, CSS, and HTML
    2. Minimize number of requests
    3. Enable Gzip
    4. Optimize script loading
    5. Setup CDN (You’ll need to provide access to your domain registrar).
  2. Image Optimization
    1. Image Resizing for up to 10 pages and 30 images.
    2. Image quality check for up to 10 pages and 30 images
  3. SEO Functional Tools & Backend Optimization
    1. Check internal link structure, crawl errors, and duplicate content
    2. XML Sitemap Setup
    3. Setup 301 Redirects if necessary
    4. Setup Google Analytics & Setup Google Search Console
    5. Robots.txt setup
    6. Submit your site for reindexing

Are you in need of technical SEO for your business?

We’re experts at moving businesses up the page rank for their website in organic Google listings.

The first part to a successful SEO campaign is to get your groundwork set up properly. The very basic needs of a technical SEO package start with ensuring your website is optimized for speed & mobile viewing. The second part of a successful technical SEO campaign is to ensure that you have all of your SEO tools properly setup.

Speed & Mobile viewing there are several technical details that our team will handle in the background of your website. These start with the caching of your website’s core HTML, Javascript, and CSS files. Once your cache has been properly configured to work specifically with your website the next step is setting up image optimization. We’ve all been on the website that crawls page by page. That is no longer a problem after our team goes through and optimizes your images for viewing at different viewing resolutions, desktop, tablet, and mobile. There is no reason to have a 4000px width image in a 400px box. (Don’t worry we’ll handle that).

The next step to a successful technically proficient site is ensuring that you have all of your background SEO information properly setup. This includes things like your XML sitemap, your Robots.txt file, your automatic SEO meta data, link structure, Analytics, etc. These are all extremely important parts and necessary first steps when getting ready to purchase an ongoing SEO plan.