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Local Citation Packages

Get Listed & Found on Yelp, Google My Business, Bing, Apple, Facebook, and many more!


Local citations are incredibly important for ensuring that your information is consistent on the web. There are hundreds and thousands of directories that you can add your business to. For your local city there are more important directories than others and we help you target the biggest directories and very niche directories to get quickly noticed in your geographic area.

Consistency is key on online directories. If your hours or phone number don’t match from directory to directory this can confuse Google and make it extremely difficult to build a local reputation for your business.

Every packages we offer includes duplicate checks as well as consistency checks for any directories that you may already be listed in.

We’ll optimize you for the following Major Directories: Google My Business, Bing Local, Apple Maps, Facebook Places, Yelp, Local.com, Yellowbook, Merchant Circle, Super Pages.com

We have a firm belief that Google is king, its SUPER important to point your customers to review your Google listing as this is the number one impact for ranking your business in your local area.