Seven Myths to Forget about your Small Business

A great website is a crucial aspect to any business, but it is especially the case with small businesses in order to help them succeed and expand. Unfortunately, there are many myths about small businesses that can really hinder their success. Today I will debunk seven of these myths so that you are able to avoid these mistakes within your own site and have the most success possible.

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The first myth that people believe is that all they really need is for people to view their site. Or in other words they don’t actually believe that they need any real strategy or call to action on their site. This is so unfortunate because this will greatly limit the potential any site has to convert viewers into actual customers. While you may have many people viewing your site, if you don’t have a good strategy behind it, it is very unlikely they will convert. A well thought out strategy is potentially the most important part of any successful site and business.

The next myth to debunk is that potential customers need a great deal of information before making a decision. The problem with this belief is that it causes people to include way too much unnecessary information on their site. This is extremely bad for conversion rates because it only overwhelms the viewer and they just end up leaving the site and finding something more direct. The key is to provide just enough information to persuade your viewer into taking the first step for them whether that be as simple as signing up for something with an email, buying a product, or scheduling a consultation. Simple is always better, and is even used as a marketing technique now.

The third myth many people fall in to is wanting to grow their social media through their site when really they should be using their social media to direct people to their site. While having a lot of followers on your instagram or facebook is great, it is not the goal. The goal is to sell your product or service, and people are much more likely to do that on your website rather than your social media. Furthermore, social media can be incredibly distracting and your viewer may even end up on a competitors account this way. So the best thing to do is to keep your social media links discreet on your site just for the people searching for them to find, and use your social media accounts as a platform to direct people to your site.

The fourth myth people adhere to is that they need a completely custom site. If you are a smaller business, it is very unlikely that your budget supports this, and it really is not necessary in the first place. Using a semi custom WordPress platform correctly can really present you with a very well designed and unique site, while saving you quite a bit of money as well. What your money should really be being invested in is a good web strategy and convincing content. This will be the factor causing your viewers to convert, not the design. So while it is tempting to blow your budget on design if you really want to see results from your website this is ultimately not the way to go.

The fifth really harmful myth that people believe is that if their viewer is not ready to convert at that moment, they will come back when they are. In actuality, 95% of your site viewers will leave and never return to your site. A majority of your viewers are simply researching their best options and are not ready to commit to anything. If you are able to have something compelling enough for them to give you an email address you will be able to remind them that you are still there and have this advantage with them over your competitors.

The sixth myth people sadly fall into is that they simply cannot afford a good website. One of the best investments you can make in your business is a good lead generating site. Having a lead generating site can seriously expand your business and help you turn a profit. For this reason it will definitely be to your benefit to tighten other areas of your businesses’ budget and really focus on having that good site. I actually have another blog post too that goes over the best way to maximize a tight budget for your site, so go ahead and take a look at that as well.

The last myth I will cover today is the belief that you get most or all of your business from referrals so it is not necessary for you to have a customer generating website. If you truly want a stable business, this myth does not hold up at all. Referrals are completely unforeseeable, and while one month you may have many this could definitely not be the case for the next month. And why wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to have new people discovering your business and reaping the benefits of new clients and customers?

I hope this blog was helpful for you, and who knows maybe you held some of these beliefs as your own. I would love to know if I changed your mind in any way or if you have been applying these myths to your own business without even realizing it! Either way I am always posting more blog posts to help you optimize your site for the greatest possible profit, so check out some of my other posts as well!


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