Women's Ministry Connection



Women’s Ministry Connection, founded and led by Margy 17 years ago in North County, San Diego, emerges as a vibrant and nurturing space, committed to training, equipping, and inspiring women leaders in ministry. Margy, with her compelling teaching style and a heartfelt passion for the Bible, not only speaks into the lives of women from varied age brackets and church backgrounds but also kindles a deeper connection between them and Christ. Her platform, through events, books, and more, seeks to weave a rich tapestry of gospel, guidance, and spiritual engagement for women across different walks of life.


Margy’s digital presence required a platform that could seamlessly integrate various facets of her ministry – a space where events could be spotlighted, her blog could resonate, books could be purchased, and the essence of her ministry could be explored in-depth by visitors. There was a need for a digital space that was as multifaceted and embracing as the physical ministry, providing resources, support, and spiritual nourishment in an accessible and user-friendly manner.


With the rich backdrop of a personal and long-standing relationship between Margy and Josh, our journey with Women’s Ministry Connection was underlined by a deep-seated understanding and commitment. We sponsored the site, ensuring it was not merely a digital platform but a true reflection of Margy’s ministry and passion. The website was structured to be a conduit for her to spread the gospel message while also supporting her ministry through book sales and event promotions, thus facilitating a broad spectrum of engagement and resource-sharing.


Today, the website stands as a pivotal pillar in supporting and propagating Margy’s ministry, not only enabling her to extend the gospel message but also providing a mechanism through which parts of her ministry are financially supported via book sales and event engagements. It serves as a digital beacon, allowing users and followers to delve into various aspects of the ministry, ensuring that Margy’s teachings and resources remain accessible, impactful, and continue to touch lives in a meaningful and sustaining manner.

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