VGI Energy



VGI Energy positions itself as a pivotally strategic and visionary hub in the climate change thought leadership domain, dedicated to permeating every urban community with clean energy. Participating in the Solar In Your Community DoE Challenge, VGI is not just a solar company but a catalyst for enduring resiliency in the clean energy sector. With a robust belief that clean energy is a potent vehicle for economic development and a vision that is both bold and strategic, VGI, based in Chicago, collaborates with some of the most visionary climate change leaders globally, leveraging their in-depth expertise, the groundbreaking MARIA framework, and strategic partnerships to craft initiatives that dismantle substantial barriers to clean energy access.


The struggle resided in crafting a digital presence that was not merely an online platform but a synthesis of VGI’s style, branding, and ethos, aligning it cohesively with the second arm of their business, VLV Development. VGI required a modernized website that would seamlessly pair together the brands of VLV and VGI, ensuring a digital symmetry and brand continuity, while also providing a user-friendly and informative interface for their audience.


Our approach encompassed building a brand-new website on the Elementor platform in tandem with a copywriter, ensuring that the narrative and visual elements not only aligned with but elevated the brands of VLV and VGI. The objective was to weave together the distinct yet interconnected narratives of VLV and VGI, ensuring the website was a reflection of their brand ethos, mission, and the services they offer, and creating a digital space that was both informative and reflective of their strategic and visionary approach in the clean energy sector.


The resultant website for VGI Energy does not merely exist as a digital platform but acts as a mirror to their core offerings and their mission, ensuring their targeted audience is not only aware of their services but is also invited into a space that is reflective of VGI’s strategic vision and mission in the clean energy domain. It has allowed VGI to succinctly and effectively convey to their audience their fundamental mission, the services they offer, and their foundational beliefs, ensuring their digital presence is as impactful, strategic, and visionary as their physical operations in the clean energy sector. VGI Energy now stands as a digital and physical testament to strategic, value-driven, and impactful delivery in the clean energy domain, ensuring resiliency that endures.

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