Catamaran Sailing Tours in San Diego

Enjoy a relaxing day on a large, comfortable cat. Kid friendly.


Sail Fun Catamaran is a San Diego based company that uses its online presence to attract visitors to either call, text, or fill out an online form to book a spot on a catamaran cruise of the San Diego bay. 


Their marketing efforts were slowing down and emails were going unresponded to due to a website error. They were losing business and they needed help fast!


We are currently working with them on building out a new website and new marketing plan that turns clicks into customers. They work with us on their SEO, Website design, and paid marketing campaigns.


Sail Fun Cat has had a renewed book of business due to the work that we’ve put into their website. They now have Facebook remarketing campaigns setup and have seen a dramatic boom in their business as a result of working with us. 

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