Mel Gambert



Gambert Shirts is a custom shirt maker out of New York. They provide tailored shirts to customers with a variety of style options tailored to fit a person’s precise measurements.


Gambert Shirts was looking for a custom solution that they could give to their vendors to allow vendors to easily offer customized shirts to their customers.


Gambert shirts came to Josh looking for a plugin solution that would allow their clientele the ability to create their own vendor websites with WooCommerce.


A custom WordPress plugin for both Gambert Shirts and the vendors that allowed vendors to offer a shirt customizer on their own website and set their own price points to mark up fabric customization and charge for a fully custom tailored shirt. The plugin integrated with BodyLabs API to determine garment sizing online by having an end user enter their height/weight into the API and then give suggested body measurements given their body type.

Users have the ability to refine their measurements and then customize and pick fabrics based on their personal preference. During the course of this project over 10,000 different pieces of fabric were digitized to allow for users to pick and choose millions of possible combinations for their shirts. Gambert shirts charges a monthly fee for their plugin integration and has the ability to reach many more end users by offering this technology to their vendors.

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