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Old-fashioned manners and cutting-edge professionalism


Marmel Accounting, a revered CPA firm stationed in Lincolnwood, Illinois, has enshrined its operations with “old-fashioned manners and cutting-edge professionalism.” Recognizing the intricate nature of Tax, Accounting, Audit, and IRS services, the firm ensures meticulous service delivery to its clients, always prioritizing integrity and adeptness. While their practice thrives on concrete traditional values and ultra-modern professionalism, the digital visage they presented to the virtual world was incongruent with their physical operations.


The company found itself entwined with a website that had not only aged in its appearance but was erected on a deprecated platform, inconveniencing both clients and staff alike. The antiquated design and dilapidated platform fell short in adequately representing their brand and expertise in the digital realm. The imperative to refurbish the website’s design and copywriting loomed large as they sought a means to bridge their potent physical presence with the virtual world.


An explorative journey was embarked upon, which culminated in categorizing Marmel Accounting’s practice areas into distinct segments and pages on their website. The aim was to render a more modern and user-friendly approach that encouraged user interaction and simplified client communication via their website. The chosen chariot to transport them into the digital age was Elementor Pro, paired with Formilla for live chat functionalities, aiming to encompass modern aesthetics and provide an intuitive user experience.


Marmel Accounting’s website was revitalized into a digital entity that mirrored their physical world professionalism and authenticity. Through a meticulous redesign using Elementor Pro and the incorporation of Formilla for direct client interaction, their website not only experienced a visual overhaul but became a more potent tool for client engagement and communication. This digital rejuvenation allowed Marmel Accounting to truly articulate their brand, modernize their image, and facilitate enhanced interaction with existing and potential clients through streamlined, innovative solutions. Furthermore, by breaking down practice areas into detailed segments, clients can now effortlessly navigate to the services they require, ensuring a seamless, user-friendly experience.

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Marmel Accounting