Let's Coast

Leaflette, not a cigarette. All cannabis, no tobacco.


Lets Coast, innovators in the cannabis market, introduced “Leaflettes,” utilizing proprietary filters and precision-rolling technology to deliver a unique, smooth, and mindful cannabis experience, necessitating a website that could skillfully showcase and facilitate the online sales of their novel preroll.


Despite having an abundance of high-quality picture content, the challenge lay in weaving a coherent and compelling brand story, coupled with the complexity of integrating an eCommerce system, specifically for their cannabis products, from a third-party fulfillment center that didn’t natively mesh with WordPress.


Adopting a phase-by-phase approach, we first sculpted the initial design and ambiance of the website, then navigated through the intricate process of building out the eCommerce functionality, all while maintaining a seamless user experience and underscoring the multifaceted nature of their product.


The resultant website not only resplendently features their brand but also adeptly facilitates from-web-to-door delivery of their cannabis pre-roll products, reflecting both the vibrant essence of Lets Coast and providing an efficient, user-friendly purchasing platform.

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