Custom kitchen & bath cabinets


Kitchen Bath 123 is the leading and highly acknowledged distributor of supreme quality kitchen & bath goods like sinks, cabinets, vanities, faucets etc.


Kitchen Bath 123 came to me looking for a redesign of their website. They had a theme that they liked and that they wanted to copy. They initially started out building their website on a Shopify website without the functionality of products or services. They struggled to customize their template the way they wanted to have it.


KitchenBath123 came to Josh with a need, and he helped to correct their path. He moved them to a WordPress environment and built them the exact website they wanted all along.


After building out a successful website, Kitchen Bath came back for additional services looking for help building out animations that described their kitchen cabinet building process. We helped to deliver a series of Gif images that conveys exactly what their process for delivering and building out cabinets is.

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