kagan professional development

Facilitation, Leadership Training, Teacher Workshops, Keynotes, Corporate Training and Teambuilding

Kagan is a type of learning style that is being used all over the world. This branch of the professional development is based in New Zealand. In their own words they are: ‘Kagan’ is a multi-faceted pedagogical approach that uses content-free Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures to ensure active engagement, develop oral language and interpersonal skills, and raise student achievement – across the curriculum.


Kagan NZ started with a build made from another developer. The developer actually outsourced the build to Josh several years ago and the client needed additional ongoing support and contacted Josh directly.


Kagan.nz is built with the divi builder, a builder that we’re not particularly fond of, however it does the trick for building a nice responsive website. There are a number of plugins that drive the current build of the site. Kagan is a beautiful site that is regularly maintained by the owner Jennie, a wonderful client who we would always be happy to recommend as a reference to any of our clients.


Jennie has built an incredible business around Kagan and runs the operations in the New Zealand area. She’s left her mark on the world and helps to educate kids of all ages. She’s made an impact in the lives of countless kids and her site is something that she can be quite proud of.

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