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Lissa Coffey Personal Blog


Lissa Coffey is a well known lifestyle blogger in the Ayurvedic space. She features a number of different authors on her website and has a great presence in the industry.


Lissa’s old website was buggy, out of date, and using old technology. She needed a new website to properly build out the various custom post taxonomies that she had. These ranged from movie reviews, to dree downloads, custom authors, letters to Lissa, and games and quizzes. Every aspect of the old site was completely outdated and not in a CMS format.


Lissa’s website was completely rebuilt on the WordPress platform. Everything was converted to an easy to use Content Management System that allowed for new blog posts, new movie reviews, new authors, new games, and more.


Her website rebuild was a complete success and even several years after the build, still functions great and looks modern! Lissa has recommended and referred us out for other projects as well.

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