American Book Company


Located in Georgia, American Book Company (ABC) is a specialized publisher that focuses its efforts on creating common core and educational textbooks tailored to each state’s distinctive educational needs. ABC not only aims to cater to the tangible need for textbooks but also aligns itself with providing a repository of educational materials that will help streamline standards-based instruction for in-person or remote learning. Offering a range of workbooks that ensure 100% coverage of state-standards in both print and digital formats, ABC’s materials are meticulously crafted to assist student comprehension and prepare them effectively for state standardized testing.


ABC grappled with a website that was not only outdated but also lacked the fluidity and functionality needed to optimize user interaction and management of their extensive product range. The old website was described as “clunky”, and hence, a comprehensive overhaul was imperative to not just bring it up to date, but to integrate a host of new features that would streamline their digital operations and provide a user-friendly interface for their clients and staff.


ABC collaborated with Josh to devise a web solution that would amalgamate an aesthetic appeal with functional robustness. The new website was conceptualized on the WooCommerce platform, integrating custom sortability, specialized taxonomies, and an e-Book API. The discovery process revolved around not merely constructing a website but creating a digital environment that allowed for functionalities like bulk pricing, e-book trials, custom searches, state catalog downloads, and a backend system that was intuitive and user-friendly.


The fruition of this collaboration is a beautifully constructed website that is not merely a platform but a comprehensive digital solution for ABC. Enabling features like bulk pricing, e-book trials, custom searches, and state catalog downloads, the website is not just a point of sale but an interactive platform for their clientele. Additionally, the friendly backend system not only optimizes internal operations but also allows the staff to manage, create, add, and modify products with notable ease. Post-website creation, the staff underwent training to ensure seamless management of the website, ensuring that ABC now operates a digital platform that is reflective of their expertise, quality, and user-centric approach in the educational publishing domain.

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