Advisor You

Your Personalized Career Center

AdvisorYou was a startup based out of Los Angeles CA. Their goal was to build a platform that connected students that are graduating or have graduated with professionals in that student’s desired field. It allowed for students to book consultations with those professionals and pay them for an appointment by the hour to


AdvisorYou was a startup with an idea formulated on a powerpoint. They didn’t have a detailed scope of work and they did not have any branding principles. Their idea was a work in progress and evolved into a very well constructed MVP.


AdvisorYou worked directly with Josh to take their idea and refine it into a great end product. The website needed to be manageable from the backend, yet fully customizable on the front end.


AdvisorYou’s final product was kick-ass! I loved working with these guys and creating an enterprise level product that had multi level integrations from large tech companies like LinkedIn, Twilio, and Braintree payments. Everything was custom built into WordPress to allow for Advisor Profiles, Student Profiles, booking time negotiations, call management, and full review management. Although AdvisorYou has since shut down their startup idea their platform was phenomenal. Take a look at the video below to see how the AdvisorYou website functioned.

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