Interested in web design, but not quite ready to commit to a full scale project?

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Get Website Redesign & Branding Snapshot

Here's What Is Included:


We’re going to go through your existing website from homepage to contact page and use our best judgement to determine what your most important services & products are. 

Designed by Pikisuperstar
Designed by Pikisuperstar


You’ll get to fill out a quick form and tell us about your design preferences, any inspiration you have, and any competitors you’d like to have a nicer looking website than. 


We’re going to audit your existing website and make improvements upon what we see wrong, as well as any suggestions you have after your checkout process. 

Designed by Freepik


We’ll restructure your header with a whole new sitemap and feature that layout via the menu of your newly redesigned homepage. We’ll rebuild the homepage using relevant pictures and videos to your brand. 


Included in your homepage mockup/redesign will be a new structured layout for the header and footer of your website. We may include subscription captures, product mockups, or potential links to landing pages or customer funnels.

Our Process


Click the purchase button below and complete the checkout process


Fill out our quick questionnaire about your business website


Wait 48-72 hours for your homepage redesign


Have a call with us to provide us feedback and discuss implementing the design into your full website

Some of Our Works

Looks cool, huh? Now let’s get your website amped! 

The Smallest Amount Sale

Try Before You Buy!
$ 49
One Time Payment
  • Header/Menu Redesign
  • Research into your current sites
  • Redesign of a whole new

Homepage Redesign Snapshot

Try Before You Buy!
$ 199
One Time Payment
  • Header/Menu Redesign
  • Research into your current sites biggest issues
  • Redesign of a whole new homepage
  • Footer/Subscription & Interactive Elements

The Biggest Luxury Offer

Try Before You Buy!
$ 499
One Time Payment
  • Header/Menu Redesign
  • Research into your current sites
  • Redesign of a whole new homepage

Important Additional Information

You agree to allow Dray Web Services to use assets from your existing website in our redesign of your homepage. We will create your redesign on a staging website setup and owned by Dray Web Services. The design will remain active on the subdomain for up to 30 days after we deliver the final product. Our goal in offering this redesign is to show you the potential of what your site could be in the result of working with us on a full website redesign. By ordering this product you do not own the rights to the design, you will receive those rights either by purchasing an additional product addon or by entering into an agreement with Dray Web Services to redesign/implement the homepage redesign at which time you will retain the rights to the website created for you. 

It is also understood that the mockup will be as live as possible, but will not have all features 100% hooked up to the site. For instance, email subscriptions will not be linked to a Mail Chimp account, and product carousels will not be 100% functional to a product page. etc. This is a homepage only mockup to show you potential functionality.

When we start this redesign we believe it to be a job interview. We’re going to do our absolute best to impress. Give us a chance to show you what we’ve got!

We are going to work really hard on this redesign for you and the intrinsic value of the website is far more than the initial purchase price. We will put creative thought and hours into the design. If you’d like to continue working with us on a website redesign you will be able to request changes to the design. 

It is understood that once the product is initially delivered Dray Web Services is under no obligation to perform any changes. We may perform change work to show you what is possible. This mockup is to show you what your website could be and what we can do for you in the event you’d like to enter into a contract with Dray Web Services.

Money Back Guarantee

If we can’t prove to you the immense amount of value we bring to the table we will 100% refund your entire purchase price. If for any reason you feel that our design was not up to par or worth what you paid for it please let us know and we will honor absolutely honor your request for your money back.