Indirect and Direct Leads and how to Approach them

When used correctly, your website can be a truly valuable tool to expand your business. Understanding how to create leads to your site can impact your business in a major way. Today I am going to talk about direct and indirect leads, how to handled them, and let you in on some of the most up to date, effective way to draw these leads to your site and utilize them well.

The first type of lead we will talk about today are direct leads. In other words, these are people who have visited your site and are taking action to get in contact with you. Now, for your own site you will need to decide on your preferred method of contact.

Do you want to set up your site so that they are directly calling you, filling out a form so that you can contact them, or one of the many other options? All of these options are okay, but one option I definitely always recommend is a program called calendly.

Calendly keeps you organized and also eliminates a great deal of hassle and wasted time for you and your client. It does this by having a calendar on your site showing all the times you are available for a meeting that they can select right then and there. Once chosen, this spot will be booked in order to prevent any double bookings and you will be alerted as well.

After you have chosen how you want your leads to contact you, you will want to create a button rather than a text link for them to click to contact you. The reason behind this is that a button is much more noticeable and attracting than a link. To make this button even more distinguished use a color that you do not have anywhere else on your site and that stands out from it’s background. Furthermore, for the best results, place your button on every page in the main navigation, at the top of the page; as well as toward the bottom of every blog post, and your about page. Just by having a clear, well strategized call to action you will be able to generate more direct leads.

Designed by Vectorpouch
Designed by Vectorpouch

Next up, we have the indirect leads. Indirect leads are the viewers that are visiting your site but not quite ready to convert. Did you know 80-90% of the people viewing your site are only doing research, and only about 18% would even be willing to convert right away if they find what they are looking for. This is why it is so vital that you are taking care and nurturing your indirect leads as well. It is critical that you are offering them something valuable and enticing in exchange for their email address. Stay away from E-books and newsletters, they are digital marketing trends that have been abused by many businesses with poor content, and now seem of very little value to visitors.

Instead, I have quite a few other options for you such as a cheat sheet or a quick start guide, a workbook, a video or audio training (highly effective), video series, quizzes, and a multi day challenge to name a few. The difference with these options are that they are all extremely engaging and result driven, which is what people respond to more. The next strategy is to be extremely clear that what they are signing up for will be delivered through email as well, in order to avoid the fake email addresses people sometimes provide when agreeing to sign up for these things. As long as you are putting effort into making sure what you are offering is truly of value to your indirect leads, you will be able to convert many of them into direct leads.

By now you should have a very solid understanding of the two types of leads you will see on your site and how to handle both for optimal conversions. If you are interested having your website be an incredible lead generator for your business check out my other blog posts as well for the most up to date information!


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