How To Optimize Your Website To Be High Quality

Generating as many leads as possible to your website is important. This becomes even more apparent if your business or website offers a product or service. For this reason it is important you understand how to build a high quality site that not only appeals to prospects and clients but also Google and other search engines. If Google views your site as high quality you will have a higher ranking, thus increasing exposure to potential clients and customers. Confused as to make this happen? I don’t blame you. Your attention is best-served doing what you do best and the world of SEO and optimizing your web presence can be confusing. Luckily you’ve got me and I’m a nice guy, which is why I want to share with you eight tips that will help you optimize your website to make it high quality in the eyes of your customers and, more importantly, Google.

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Tip 1 – Images and Videos Make An Impact

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In another article I talked about how important it was to break up text with visuals. I will reiterate the same message here. Use plenty of images and videos on your website. This is important in not only combating user fatigue but also because the seven highest ranked sites on any search have, on average, seven images included on their website. The logical reason behind this is that 80% of your viewers are skimming rather than critically digesting all information provided, thus making images and videos all the more important. The faster a person skims the more attractive and impactful these images will be. Moreover videos in particular increase the average time viewers spend on your website, another key metric that helps boost Google rankings.

Tip 2 – Content AND Keywords are King


It used to be common practice and knowledge that Google was after keywords. Websites, articles and blogs were filled with keywords and little else. But then Google and other search engines decided to switch things up. Focusing more on consumer satisfaction and experience than manipulated search results, Google now prioritizes quality content that is useful for viewers and related to important keywords being searched for. For this reason it is beneficial to use closely related keywords while also emphasizing high quality content. How do you know which keywords to target on your informed website? Use a tool like Websites such as these provide related keywords to a particular search and help you develop content that will impress Google and your prospects.

Tip 3 – The Longer the Content, the Better

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To increase the quality of your site it is beneficial to have longer content. Most top ranking sites on Google have well over 900 words and the search engine tends to favor those that have over 2,000! The reason for this is that longer content often means having content that is of higher quality and depth. Remember the above point of content being prioritized? These principles work hand in  hand.

Tip 4 – Keep it Simple


While you may know all of your industries lingo and understand the jargon your prospects and Google do not. Crucial information and points should be relayed in ways easily understandable to any visitor. A good way to make sure you are dong this is to write the way you would speak. Don’t complicate things. Write in a way that someone with no knowledge of the subject would understand. Often times this will engage visitors and make them want to interact with your website further, thus increasing page rankings. Furthermore part of Google’s algorithm is a readability score. By simplifying your content you’ll not only be helping your visitors but Google as well.

Tip 5 – Make Your Website Flow


If the contents and pages in your website do not make sense from a structural point-of-view then viewers are more prone to becoming confused and navigating away. That’s why you should focus on formatting your site to make it understandable, thus enhancing user experience (UX) and Google search rankings. Especially for visitors that are skimming (and remember 80% of them will be doing such) this is crucial.  What does this look like? Plenty of headlines, subheadings, short sentences and paragraphs and bulleted lists. Bold text, italics and other text styles also appeal to Google and the fast-scanning viewer.

Tip 6 – Exude Confidence


You know what it takes to operate a successful business in your industry and you should make this apparent on your website. According to Google a high quality website “demonstrates enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy to viewers”. So while you should make the content understandable you should also make a point to demonstrate your expertise. You can do so by using case studies, providing examples to support your statements and use links to provide credibility and proof of claim.

Tip 7 – Get Social

Social media has a big impact on your business and it is time for your website to reflect such. Our society is increasingly driven by social media trends and Google has prioritized pages and websites that are being shared. If you follow the prior tips listed above you will have created a website worth sharing. The next step is to make sure you have easy options for the sharing of your website. This means embedded share buttons on each page or post as well as links to your social media profiles.

Tip 8 – Link to Other Pages


Don’t get this one wrong. While you should link to other relevant websites when appropriate most of the linking on your website should be done internally. Make sure you provide links to other pages on your website. This decreases bounce rate, increases page views and most importantly boosts your Google search rankings.

Optimizing your website can be confusing. By following the tips above you will be able to simplify the process and create a high quality website loved by Google.

If you found these tips useful I would love to hear your feedback! Also make sure to check my other posts for more ideas on how to optimize your website.


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