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Do you have a lot of people visiting your site but not becoming actual paying clients and customers? Your website may not be creating enough trust for your visitors, and I am going to show you how to fix that today.

When you buy an item for yourself online, do you check the reviews? Well if your are like the majority of the population, the answer would be “duh” or “of course”. We all want to know that we are spending our hard earned money on quality products and services. Reviews are one way of building trust, but nowadays it is really not hard to fake a written review, depleting much of the trust behind them.

One extremely beneficial way you can build quality trust with your visitors is through video testimonials.

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The key with video testimonial is to find someone who is going to be able to relate with your ideal or target customer. You want your viewer to come to the conclusion that you are helping people similar to them and you can indeed help them too. To have an awesome video testimonial it is imperative that you ask them some good leading questions, for example “what frustrations did you have before finding our company?”. Once you have asked the questions you will proceed to edit your voice out and you will be left with a truly compelling testimonial. This video testimonial could vary likely be the turning point for many visitors into paying customers.

To have a successful online business it is crucial that your site visitors are turning into customers and clients, and gaining your viewers trusts is one of the most essential components to this. I have plenty more posts that will help you to convert visitors to customers, so if you found this helpful do go ahead and check out some of my other posts as well!


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