7 Tips for a Successful About Page

Are you trying to sell a product or service online? Then you should know how important it is to have a great website in order to create business. The about page is one of the most important components in a great website, and it is actually the second most visited page on your site. It is essential for creating a connection with your viewers and having them choose to do business with you.adult sex toys
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The first piece of information I have for you may seem strange but, your about page really isn’t about you. In reality, it is more about all the benefits for your customers that come along with working with you. This is after all the main piece of information they are searching for on your website.

Next, it is indispensable to have a great mission statement and story. The key here is to set aside the money aspect of your business, and relay to your viewers why it is you are passionate about your craft and how this drives you to give them the best experience possible. If your story is also one that they can relate to, this will make your about page even stronger.

Thirdly, let your viewers know why you are unique from all of the other competitors trying to offer them the same thing. The correct way to do this is to centralize it back to the main purpose of your about page, how does this benefit them. Maybe you cannot offer the same price as your competitors, but let them know what is special about your product or service that makes your price well worth while.

Next up, utilize your about page to reinforce your brand. Every good brand has some type of personality behind it whether that be funny, serious, natural or one of the many others out there. In any case, when you create your about page be sure to reflect this in the tone of the page, and avoid using any third person diction as well, the goal is to make it seem like you are speaking directly with your viewer.

The fifth tip I have for you is crucial to an effective about page, and that is to not only create connection between you and your viewer, but also trust. Only once you have gained your viewers trust, are you going to gain their business. You can do this several different ways but some examples are providing testimonials, logos of brands that you have worked with, articles from newspapers or blogs mentioning your business, and much more. Gaining your potential clients trust will have a tremendous impact on your business.

Up next, is to keep it visual. Eighty percent of people are only skimming your sites so you definitely want to include images that really reflect the message behind your about page. You can even tie this into the previous tip and provide a video that will keep your audience engaged while also gaining their trust in the mean time.

The last tip I have for you is paramount, and that is to end your about page with a clear call to action, whether that be scheduling a consultation, buying a product, or any other list of things. You could have a great about page but if you are missing this step, it will likely be ineffective.

I hope you can now see what an amazing connection you can create between you and the people visiting your site just by having an effective about page.  If you enjoyed this information and find it useful for your site check out some of my other posts as well!


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