6 Hacks for your Service Site

We could all use tips and hacks for our websites, but today we have a special focus, and that is service websites! In a service business the profit is not being made directly on the sites, however having a great site can be an incredible way to bring in new clients and watch your business grow. Today I will provide you with six easy tips on how to have an awesome service website!

The first tactic in having a great service website is to determine your traffic strategy.

To choose your traffic strategy you will need to conclude whether people are actively searching for your service, for example, a gardener. Or is your service something that may not be as well known and needs more advertisement like an esthetician? Once you have determined the category in which your service falls you are able to choose the best marketing strategy. If your business is one that people are actively searching for, SEO is what you are going to want to put your focus on. However if your service is less well known, you most likely want to make use of social media advertising. Determining your traffic strategy will allow you to pick the correct marketing strategy for your business, which will be a key factor in how many clients you are bringing in through your site.

The next tip I have for you is to have a lead form on every page of your site.


The reason behind this is simply to be able to follow up with these potential clients. While you may want to get as much information as possible about these clients, you will have a higher success rate and retrieve more emails if you just keep it simple and ask for a name and an email address. This may seem like an easy tip but it can tremendously affect the number of leads you are generating from your site.

This third tip is one you may want to resist, but trust me it will only positively impact your business, and that is to provide transparent pricing on your site.


Eighty percent of people visiting your site are only skimming it for the key information like prices. If you are not making this information easily accessible, these eighty percent of viewers are going to leave your site to go see if your competitor’s site offers pricing.

The fourth tip I have for you, is likely the one to make the greatest impact on the leads generated from your site, have a great testimonial section.

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Not having trust that your product is what you say it is, is going to be the greatest factor keeping people from actually turning into your clients. The best way you can gain your viewers trust is to have an awesome testimonial section that provides authenticity and credibility. The best way to do this with your reviews is to include pictures of your clients, and if you are able to provide one or two video testimonials this will make a world of difference as well!

Next up, be sure to provide plenty of imagery and visuals on your site.

Like I said before, eighty percent of viewers are only skimming your site. That eighty percent of viewers is looking for information that will pop out at them like visuals and bold fonts, not a block of words. By providing these visuals you will be able to keep this crowd on your site longer, providing for a better chance of conversion rate into actual paying clients.

Lastly, and this one may seem a little obvious, but make sure your phone number is displayed in a visible spot for your viewer.

By putting your number in an easily visible place and making it large enough to simply touch and dial on a mobile device, you will actually see a difference in lead generation from your site. Sometimes the simplest changes can make a big difference!

I hope you found these six tips helpful for your service business site! Keep up to date with my other posts to continue to see some great information on how to optimize and make the most out of your website!


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