6 Digital Marketing Trends you Should Stop

Digital Marketing is always good for your business right? Well actually this is not the case and sometimes it can even seriously harm your business. Today I am going to let you in on some digital marketing trends you should stop immediately for the betterment of your business.

The first digital marketing trend you want to stop using is text based E-books as a lead magnet. E-books were new and exciting a few years ago, but so many people put out really disappointing content that has conditioned viewers to expect something that does not meet their expectations. Replace these E-books with something more intriguing and engaging like an organized challenge or video-series that will yield results.


Next up, a digital marketing trend to ditch is quantity over quality when it comes to blog posts. Google did use to reward when sites were consistently getting two or three posts out every single week, but times have changed. Google is now more focused on user signal. In other words, how long is your viewer staying on the page, and are they scrolling all the way down? The most effective way to be recognized by Google now is to hit at least 2000 words in your blog posts and use relevant key words to your topic.

The third digital marketing trend you should ditch is relying on free social media posting. Unfortunately, social media has rapidly expanded turning this into not nearly the valuable option it used to be. If you are to make a normal, free Facebook post now, only 2-3 percent of your followers will actually see it. Don’t be discouraged though! Paid social media ads can actually be well worth your money. When you are paying for your ad, not only are your followers going to see it, but also a whole new crowd of people.

The next digital marketing trend you should stop is your generic email blasts. As a business, your email list is your most valuable tool you own, so do not jeopardize this by sending the same bland email to everyone. You can seriously utilize your email by categorizing your subscribers and targeting them with different emails. For example, send the people who are subscribed but have not bought any products yet a starter package deal, and send the subscribers who have already bought your products or services an add on. Never underestimate just how powerful your email can be!

Fifth up, you should move away from key word stuffed pages. Google is always evolving and becoming more savvy, and they are now recognizing pages that are going in depth on topics rather than reusing keywords multiple times. The way you can correct this and be rewarded by Google is to start using closely related keywords rather than reusing the same keywords over and over again.

Lastly, you need to stop talking at your viewers and start talking with them. Connecting to your viewers is the prime way to convert them into actual customers. A couple ways you can incorporate this is by adding a chat feature on your website, or asking your viewers to leave any questions they might have in the comment section of a blog or video, and responding to each question later on. This will create a very valuable trust and connection between you and your viewers.

Digital marketing is ever evolving, so it is imperative that you are keeping up to date with current trends. Having out of date trends can really harm your conversion rate, pretty much every business owner out there’s nightmare. I hope you found this helpful for your own site! I’m always posting more content like this, so don’t miss out on any of my other useful blogs!


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