2024 Digital Marketing Trends

Your website has the potential to tremendously grow your business if used optimally. A substantial part of growing your business through your site is held within your digital marketing strategies. If digital marketing is used effectively, and strategically it can be an amazing asset to you, but if you are using old out of date trends it can actually be quite the opposite. Not to worry though! Today I will be going over with you the best digital marketing trends of 2019 to optimize your site and grow your business.

The first digital marketing trend I have to talk about is the decline of Facebook ads and the rise of Youtube ads.

The next thing we are going to talk about is content clusters.

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Digital marketing trends are always changing, because Google is always evolving as well. They are now rewarding sites that they feel cover a certain topic the most thoroughly. An amazingly effective way to accomplish this standard of thoroughness in Google’s eyes is to use the content cluster trend on your own site. So basically what this is, is having one main page that goes very in depth about your overall topic, and having a cluster of other pages that branch into a specific portion of your overall topic. Now the key is to have links to all of these cluster pages in your main page, as well as having your cluster pages link back to your primary page. One example of this is a site for a spa, there will be one main page talking in depth about the overall spa, and a cluster of other pages talking about specific services like facials or massages. Not only will you be rewarded by Google for this tactic, but your viewers will love it as well!

The third trend I want to address is message simplification.

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On your website you want three things to be immediately apparent to your viewer, what you offer, how it will benefit them, and what action they need to take to get it. Simplicity has always been the most effective way to go, but now it is becoming an even more desired trend. The last thing your viewer wants to do is have to search through a bunch of irrelevant information to find what they are looking for. Just by simplifying your site and making it easier to navigate for your viewer, you will see a difference in your conversion rates.

The next effective digital marketing trend to be taking off in 2019 is livechat and chatbot.


These are incredibly useful for various purposed such as, scheduling appointments, answering FAQs, making recommendations, and so much more. You can really optimize this feature by having a member from your team responding to viewers. This will keep them engaged and really create a feeling of authenticity and connection, which is so key for gaining your viewers trust to move forward and become actual customers. This trend is not only extremely effective, but it is also free to implement in many cases!

The last digital marketing trend to discuss is voice search.

It is becoming increasingly popular with our advanced technology, and twenty percent of searches are actually done by voice search. A lot of people have not even given it a thought for their own business, so by capitalizing on this trend right now you can be reaching an extra twenty percent of searchers that many other businesses are not.

Digital marketing can make or break your site, so it is extremely important to be keeping up with current trends. Here on my blog I will always be updating you with the latest trends and tips for the optimization of your site. Let me know how these 2019 digital marketing tips worked for you with your site!


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